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Project Description
Basically Csv importer is a robust application to make bulk imports to a MSSQL Database.

This importer works like many web admin importers,except this let you know the register is inserting in a determinate moment, successful and failed query's, as well as a full database error detailed reprot, so you will know the exact query which caused the problem

The main reason which moved me to develop this little yet powerful tool was the frustration I felt the other day, when I tried to upload near 35,000 registers via csv import tool in MyLittleAdmin, so I saw this AJAX loader for like 1:30 hours, and then when it finally ended I found out that ANY register was uploaded, and tons and tons of errors, so I tough why this thing didn't kept me posted on the current action an progress, I tried many times with no success. Once my program was finished, I uploaded the whole 30,000 registers in 25 minutes, I was so happy :), please notice this is NOT a web application, is a desktop program to make your life a little bit easier. Cheers!

What do you need:

First of all you need a csv file with the data you want to import, it can be as large as you want, I've tested it with 29,000 registers and it worked like a charm, took 29 minutes, that is almost 1,000 registers per minute in a broadband connection.

Data types supported:

  • char
  • varchar
  • date
  • datetime
  • int

...for now.

please refer to the documentation page to see screenshots and learn how it works.

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